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Wicked Brush, the small, well-equipped art studio of artist-owner Maura Szymecki, is located in the quaint vineyard town of North East, PA.

Producing original contemporary art in a surrealistic, dark art style, this self-taught artist’s works have been labeled as gothic, fantasy, punk, tattoo, and urban. However, she classifies her artwork as lowbrow, contemporary figurative, or underground alternative. Examples of her latest art:

“My art expresses my opinions about my life environment. I start with a pencil drawing to develop the idea; from this pencil art, the color is planned. Often, the anticipated size of the proposed piece, or the material on which it will be rendered, is a determining factor in whether or not to use color.” My blog, Artiste Obscura, http://artisteobscura.blogspot.com has helpful tips on how to draw, and how to paint.

Her art for sale includes china painted items, pencil and pen and ink drawings, airbrushed altered clothing, jewelry, and decorative art in a multitude of media and surfaces. She also does contract assignment for clients requiring unique art on unusual surfaces. Examples of her decorative art are in this gallery: Wicked Brush Hand Painted Gallery

In past years, she has been a member of the Decorative Artist Society, and served on the Boards of the Erie, PA Porcelain Artist’s Guild and the Erie, PA Guild of Craftsmen. During her membership in the Doll Artisan Guild, she began making porcelain portrait dolls, and obtained certification for Modern Doll Artist and Modern Doll Arts Products Teacher. Although now withdrawn from the porcelain doll-making field, she continues making hand crafted cloth dolls.

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